About Chipshow Team Leadership Training

From 19th to 21th November2010Shenzhen Chip Optech Co., Ltd invited Five Zero Company to make a closed training for us. The main lecturer of the training is Chen Yuping from Hong Kong,there are three teaching assistants. More than thirty staffs took full participation in the training, and we got a complete success.

In the process of training, colleagues participated actively and spoke up actively, share their ideas and feelings with others. Even some colleagues who were usually more introverted and not good at communication had the courage to stand up and speak out their inner thoughts in the teacher’s guidance and colleagues’ encouragement. We all said that this training was a mirror in fact, which reflected our weaknesses and strengths. Even some weaknesses and strengths of ourselves were never found before. We knew and understood ourselves and others around us more clearly through this training, somebody even found their life goals.

Through this training, we recognize the importance of teamwork. Unity is strength, a chopstick can be broken easily, but ten, hundreds, thousands together will not. The strength of team is strong and indestructible, as long as everyone is together and united, a heart to think,an effort to make, I don’t think there will have difficulties that can’t be overcome.

Through this training, we recognize the power of love. In the team, we should care for every team member and make progress together, never let your partner left behind. A team likes a family, we should love each other and help each other as a family.

Through this training, we recognize the importance of trust. Trust can make people feel happy, being trusted by others is happy, trusting others is also happy. Because trust can narrow the distance between the hearts, clear the gaps between the minds and purify our own hearts.

When we see our colleagues sweatting blood and trying their best, welling up the movings in our hearts and waking up our warm hearts. At this moment, we open our hearts, and also understand the others,we help each other, trust each other, encourage each other. When we are hand in hand with each other, our hearts are linked together. So let us walk every day with uniting, for us, more for sincere eyes and warm hands that are around us.

I believe that we have chosen is not just a job, it is a business. I hope in the near future, we will show the wonderful belongs to us on the stage of Chipshow.

Shenzhen Chip Optech Co., Ltd

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May 15, 2017