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 Beiliu City in all CAS Ceramics Industrial Park to start construction of five ceramic enterprises into the park under construction at the same time, a total investment of more than 130 million yuan front, new ceramic production line is close to 20. This is the Beiliu seize the favorable opportunity of developing the western region and give full play to the local resource advantages, actively carry out Investment, and continuously grow the ceramic industry as a strategic move. At present, the flow of Ceramics, North Guangxi, 75% of the annual accounts and the national 6%, export volume accounts for 86% of Guangxi, and the country’s 7.5%. Ceramics for daily use throughout the industry, production capacity, output and export volume into the national top three ranks.

 Ceramic industry is the pillar industry Beiliu, producing ceramics has a long history in Guangxi famous “ceramic town.” Over the years, the city and surrounding areas to play a local clay-rich, labor abundant, ceramic production technology workers in more production and operation and management technology experience advantages, such as the ongoing industrial restructuring, intensify reform, expanded the production scale, to improve the quality of ceramic products to make ceramic industry gradually developed into a pillar industry of the north stream.

 Optimization of the economic development environment. While vigorously developing the economy, Beiliu actively committed to economic development environment, and strengthening the city’s planning, construction and management of the continuous development of improved urban infrastructure and building a good urban environment. At the same time, Beiliu Committee, the municipal government to strengthen the policy environment for the rectification of the city to carry out wide range of office efficiency and openness in government affairs, to create a clean and efficient “sunshine government”, and strongly rectifying and standardizing the market economic order. To develop the ceramic industry, Beiliu specially invited 30 experts, scholars, business leaders ceramic export production zone “pulse.” Investment efforts to step up, January 6, the city in Guangdong, Foshan city in Beiliu Ceramics Industrial Park (Foshan) Promotion Council, in order to further speed up the project development, attracting all investment and laid a good foundation.

 Speed up the construction of industrial parks. Beiliu according to the size of ceramic industry at present has decided to stream north of town surrounding satellite towns as the focus, founder of the five ceramic industrial area. Through the five ceramic industrial area and 10 residential ceramic industry and ceramic industry corridor to form a three-year ceramics for daily use 1.25 billion the year after next, and annual output value of 2 billion yuan of industrial ceramics, industrial workers, up to 6 million people in the ceramic export industrial park . The park covers an area of 13.45 square kilometers, is the focus in Guangxi in 2003 started construction projects.

 Growth leading industry. Tricyclic enterprise groups in Guangxi is a leading enterprise Beiliu ceramics, Beiliu Committee, the municipal government adopted various policies, measures, services, and actively support the three-ring groups of internal restructuring, improve enterprise’s production scale and product quality, so that the three CMC Group continued to grow. Currently, three-ring group ability to produce white, DECORATED capacity each contributed 180 million. In the tricyclic group, led by the development of Beiliu ceramics achieved a quantitative expansion and qualitative improvement.

 At present, the city is only 39 daily-use ceramics enterprises have an annual output capacity of 500 million white porcelain annual production capacity of 500 million DECORATED, daily-use ceramic enterprise fixed assets of 420 million yuan, more than 20000 industrial workers. January to November 2002, the city’s production of ceramics for daily use 456 million to achieve total industrial output value 556 million yuan, sales income of 803 million yuan. Ceramics for daily use throughout the industry, production capacity, output and export volume has entered the national top three ranks.

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December 11, 2015