Latin American Art
  • In Respect For Native Americans

    December 8, 2015

    Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with ‘Indians.’ Ten Little Indians was a song I sang repeatedly. When we played ‘Cowboys and Indians’ ‘good’ guys verses ‘bad’ guys’, I always wanted to be the Indian. The Totem Pole captivated me, the Rain Dance mesmerized me and the Headdresses…beautiful. Now, half […]

  • Latin Dance Classes

    Dance Fitness – A good fitness mantra Combining dance and exercising is really a great idea. Dance fitness now-a-days is hugely popular among the masses and has become a big business in gyms and dance studios. Dance fitness routines can help an individual to stay trim and toned with the fun filled forms of exercises. […]

  • Style of a Latin dancewear

    Many people would say that the style of a Latin dance costume is sexy. However, the word “sexy” may be too mundane to describe a Latin dress. It is purely functional to use exposed designs such as open back and tight fitting bodice to reduce resistance and to free the dancer up for the speediest […]

  • Dating Latin Girls

    December 7, 2015

    If you’re a bit depressed with Dating, then why not attempt a mail order Bride, essentially you’ll jump on the Web, and order yourself a Bride from pretty much any Country that takes your fancy. This point we tend to’re fascinated by wanting at Latin Brides, and why exactly a Latin Ladies would wish to […]

  • American Antiquity Citation Style

    American Antiquity is a quarterly journal that publishes original papers on archeology of the New World and on archeological method, theory and practice worldwide. The journal is one of the two journals that are published by the Society for American Archeology SAA. The other is Latin American Antiquity. Latin American Antiquity is also a quarterly […]

  • Native American Pendants

    For couples seeking a unique Native American Pendants or wedding band, try to look at the Native American Jewelry designed rings. Many couples choose to Native American jewelry, because they want to reflect their heritage, believe in the symbolism, or the ideals which are manifested by such jewelry. You do not need the U.S. […]

  • Best South American Travel Destinations

    South American travel destinations are growing in popularity, and offer the travel some unique ecological and cultural places of interest. We chose Latin America because we love the food and culture of Latin America. We began traveling to Mexico in the early 1970’s as kids, way before the million dollar condo projects…or roads for that […]