Modern Chinese Paintings
  • Modern abstract oil painting for your home decor

    December 24, 2015

    Don’t let your wall looks dull,If you want get more creative ideas and feel more comfortable.You may choose the decor abstract oil painting to hang on your wall.Modern abstract oil paintings have stormed the market over the last few years and have now become the most popular form of contemporary wall art around. Contemporary paintings […]

  • Ancient Beauty on Modern Walls

    For an ancient decor theme, try using an whole wall as a single decor element. Historically, Egyptian and Mezzo American hieroglyphic art, and Chinese Calligraphy and paintings, have been used to cover entire walls or pillars. It is advised that you do this with only one wall per room, or that each wall be a […]

  • Want a Traditional Chinese Woman?

    Other than the beauty of Chinese women, the thing that seems to attract a lot of western men towards them is their being traditional and family oriented. A lot of guys choose to date them online once they decide to settle down and start a family because they want someone with traditional values. On an […]

  • Chinese stained glass | Stained Glass Design

    The practice of making stained glass has been around for quite a long time. Stained glass windows and churches seem to go hand-in-hand, and you will find some of the earliest samples of stained glass artwork in churches on the European continent. Nowadays, stained glass is not confined to only churches and other such religious […]

  • Chinese Letter Tattoos – The Ancient Art!

    The ancient art of tattoo making is a fashion statement in today’s modern world. Using ink and needles to make different patterns and designs on different parts of the body is a part of modern day body fashion. Since ancient times man has looked for ways to adorn the body to make it more appealing […]

  • Guide To The Creative Process Behind Oil Paintings

    The creative process is the single most critical aspect in producing any art form. The same goes with oil paintings wherein the artist carefully plans out the creative process before getting started. Talent is not enough in order to achieve the best quality painting. If you want to know how to approach the creative process […]