Fine Arts
  • Fine Art decor is Always a Fine Choice

    December 8, 2015

    Whether you go for a landscape oil painting or cast iron sculpture, choosing artwork pieces for your home or office always proves a worthy choice. If you want, you can even establish your own personal oil painting gallery. Fine art or a less costly canvas painting art can both prove to be good investments. Many […]

  • The Arts Are Nice, But

    December 7, 2015

    Many parents feel that the study of the fine and performing arts is a nice thing for their children to do, a kind of finishing touch to a good liberal arts education. However, they feel that what prepares their children for the “real world” of college and the work place is the study of traditional […]

  • What You Need to Know About a Fine Arts Degree

    Whether you’re interested in photography, painting, sculpture, film, the digital media, or you aspire for a career in design or a coveted museum spot, a fine arts degree can help you achieve your goals. Here’s what you need to know to pursue a fine art degree and what you can expect from your training. Fine […]

  • Lovers of Fine Arts and Antiques Learn from Satellite TV

    For any lover of antique goods and fine art pieces, you’ve likely put a fair amount of time into studying different time periods and styles. Especially if you are a collector, it is extremely important that you be knowledgeable about the pieces that you own, as this will almost certainly give them more meaning. In […]

  • The Baroda Fine Arts College Debacle and Chandramohan

    It will not be hard to recall the name of Chandramohan Srilamantula. The master’s degree student of Department of Graphics at the Fine Arts College in Baroda who was jailed for displaying artworks in the faculty evaluation show which a Methodist pastor and a local BJP man found objectionable. The BJP man with his supporters […]

  • Top fashion designing and fine arts colleges in Mumbai

    The vast job opportunities in Mumbai makes it an ideal place for any creative art institute as there are opportunities for doing some innovative work here and people appreciate that also. It is very natural that people will want to know about the top fashion designing and fane arts colleges in Mumbai. There are plenty […]

  • The Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum, the best museum in Hanoi

    The Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum is located in Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi. It has become a prime tourist destination, since the museum exhibits in great detail the history of fine arts in Vietnam displaying comprehensive collections with more than 2,000 items. This museum aims to be a cultural and educational institution. It is […]

  • Fine Art Photography- An Abstract Art

    Light is considered to be one important element in photography that helps in giving different effects on photos. Photos taken in natural light or in warm glow of incandescent light, the camera captures the effect of light on the objects and subjects. Though light is an integral part of every type of photography, in fine […]

  • The fine art of selecting top arts and commerce colleges in Maharashtra

      The bastions of traditional education still holds good but it is necessary o find the right place to get that education. In Maharashtra there are many colleges that provide the regular courses for education but then finding the top arts and commerce colleges in Maharashtra is still a complicated job. There are some that […]

  • Taking the Road of Fine Arts

    A very broad word like Fine Arts would mean different things for different fields. For example, in arts it is defined as the creation of beautiful objects; artistic work that is meant to be appreciated for its own sake, rather than serve some useful function. In education, this would mean a college course in arts; […]