Jewellery Art
  • Gemstone Jewellery

    December 8, 2015

    There may not be many who have heard about charm jewellery. To describe it precisely charm jewellery is nothing else but a way of personalizing the fashion statement.  With this type of charm jewellery, you must set yourself ready to create gorgeous charm bracelet or necklace. In case you have purchased your favorite sets of […]

  • How To Select The Correct Pmc For Your Handmade Jewellery

    Precious metal clay (PMC) is a versatile clay that when fired becomes fine silver, allowing the creation of exquisite handmade jewellery to be realised without the need for expensive tools. As PMC has become more popular it has evolved and is now available in a number of different forms, PMC original, PMC +, and PMC3, […]

  • Throughout History Man Has Used Almost Anything For Jewellery

    Throughout history for me has almost anything used for personal adornment & Jewellery from animals teeth, shells, dried berries, flowers & grasse in prehistoric times, the precious metals & gemstones from ancient lake in Egypt onwards. Gold & silver have been valued for jewelery Throughout history along with Lapis Lazuli Which was valued for ITS […]

  • Cartier resourceful watch set up gorgeous jewellery

    December 7, 2015

    Experienced any century regarding improvements into the changes in the Cartier watch, the original manual / intelligent winding by using the way of quartz, electronics and various simple present function of your energy, and then an assortment of more complex top features of the electronic digital hand accounts and various forms. Movement idea of Cartier […]

  • Modified Made Of Pandora Valuable Jewellery

    Charms or amulet, a make of pendant not far from Talisman can protect the wearer from trouble plus call in very good luck. Consider a appeal which brings fine glance in conjunction with fine luck? You need to be considering how. Here is your answer.pandora bracelets come in different types and then sizes predominantly comprising […]

  • Body Jewellery Elegance In Style

    Body Piercing can be an art which have been practiced considering that the olden periods. Searching back again to the historical past of roman and Egyptians it might be discovered which the emperors and rulers had been interested in Overall body Piercing even on all those times. It was experienced as anything which should really […]

  • Get The Latest Look With Crucifix Necklace Jewellery

    The crucifix necklace has been a popular item of personal jewellery for a long time now. Worn both as a symbol of faith and a fashionable item crucifixes can range from simple silver designs through to intricate gold and gemstone works of art. The cross or crucifix necklace has a key place in modern accessory […]

  • how to create a perfect craft Jewellery ?

    The traditional mosaic techniques covered some of the gems of light, technology guru for many years been studying the how to make Pearl Jewellery creation to escape the shackles of this tradition; so that every pieces of jewelry, rare art perfect light in the display while implicitly reveal the superb technical craftsmen. However, the most […]

  • Pandora Jewellery As The Best Present

    The art of gift giving is an ancient tradition. The gifts received from friends and loved ones over the years make up some of the sweetest memories people have. If one is looking for an original and unforgettable present for a woman then great brand Pandora jewellery is a good choice. Every woman has her […]

  • Inside the Artisan Jewelry Awards

    November 28, 2014

    Inside the Artisan Jewelry Awards Vogue India's Editor Priya Tanna and art curator Usha Balakrishnan were also on the judging panelThe results for the Artisan Awards will be announced on February 19 next year. The winners will take home a cash prize, along with an internship with … Read more on VOGUE India