Modern Prints
  • Buying Scrubs for Medical Professionals: Prints or Solid Scrubs?

    December 7, 2015

      Nurses today face more choices than ever before in selecting their nursing uniform.  There are now lots of choices in nursing uniforms – hundreds of designs of scrub tops, scrub pants, and even scrub jackets.  Print fabrics, solid fabrics, even exotic fabrics like seersucker, chambray and even corduroy have made their way into scrubs. […]

  • Canvas Prints Are Actually New Purchasing Growth

    There initially were when purely considerable picture pictures could possibly achieve this reflectivity, nevertheless the prices were initially commonly outside the usual man or woman monetary budget. Subsequently for the reason that superior engineering science has continued to evolve, any person in modern times offers a lot of all new equipment, gadgets as well as […]

  • Giving Artistic Touch To Photo Prints With Giclee

    Giclee canvas prints are no doubt one of the most impressive, beautiful, and elegant ones. A product of modern imaging and printing technology, a Giclee prints can give work of art or photos into prints which resembles a museum like feel and looks. The final product gives you the look and feel of an oil […]

  • Fall 2011 Design Trends: Animal Prints

    Some of these prints are even inspiring entire decorating ideas and interior design schemes. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself pulling an entire room’s color scheme from a great animal print fabric you found while out shopping one afternoon. Popular Animal Prints By far one of the most popular animals being used for […]

  • Banksy Prints Critique Corporations

    Guerilla artist Banksy uses his work to criticise corporations for their globalisation of mainstream culture. Tesco, McDonalds and Disney are just some of the many multinationals to have experienced the Banksy treatment by having their logos satirically juxtaposed with an image of poverty or terror. The elusive Bristolian portrays himself as a modern day anti-hero […]

  • Prices of antiques still low after recession

    October 20, 2014

    Prices of antiques still low after recession Often an authentic antique sells for less than a modern copy. Since the price of antique wooden (“brown”) furniture has dropped in the last few years, the good news is that there are many bargains for a buyer looking for an older style. Fewer home … Read more […]

  • Our Turn: Childhood memories mount in pixels

    October 1, 2014

    Our Turn: Childhood memories mount in pixels The first smartphones came out three years before he was even born, and, through the miracle of modern technology, his parents and millions like them have been able to save almost every minute of his life – momentous or mundane – on a hard drive. And … Read […]

  • Gender-neutral, sophisticated and fun: Welcome to the modern nursery

    September 29, 2014

    Gender-neutral, sophisticated and fun: Welcome to the modern nursery When searching for prints, she opts for mature patterns that can grow with the baby and the room. “You might move the child into a larger room later and convert the space into an office. In that case, the paper will still work – it can […]

  • A Brief History of the Loch Ness Monster

    September 25, 2014

    A Brief History of the Loch Ness Monster One of the weirdest and most easily forgotten things about the modern legend of the Loch Ness Monster is that it first finds the creature not in its namesake lake, but on land. (There is a non-modern version of the legend, involving a 7th century … Read […]