Famous Movie Locations around the Pacific Ocean


Some of the most famous movies have been made around the Pacific Ocean. Did you know that a quick movie digital download to your computer will let you watch some of the famous movies over and over? This is now an easy option thanks to all the technology that has made the Internet a reality.

When you find yourself on vacation around the Pacific Ocean you should take the time and check out the movie locations for yourself. One important item to remember though is movies are shot in all different kinds of locations. An example would be the blockbuster hit of 2000 known as Bedazzled. If you are in San Francisco, CA then you could visit City Hall where there were scenes shot. Then if you are heading to Los Angeles you could swing by 20th Century Fox, Stage 16 where some more scenes were shot for the movie. You will begin to feel like a part of the movie as you view the different locations.

If you are a Star Trek die hard fan then visit the set in Mammoth Lakes. While you are visiting the set you will learn that there are other movies that were shot here also. The famous 2002 movie The Scorpion King, in 1954 Rose Marie, and in 1975 there was The Other Side of the Mountain to name a few.

Your travels may find you in Hollywood at the Paramount Studios. Here you would be amazed seeing some of the different items from some huge hits that were shot at this location. You might see items from the fast paced movie of 2006 with Tom Cruise taking on another mission in Mission Impossible 3. Any Minnie Me fans would enjoy knowing Austin Powers 2 the spy who shagged me of 1999 was shot at this location also.

Maybe you enjoyed the movie Monster in Law with Jennifer Lopez and Jayne Fonda. This movie was made in a few different locations around California also. In Culver City you would need to visit Culver Studios. While you are in San Marino make sure to stop at the Lacy Park. There was also another film shot here in 2002 with Robin Williams playing the employee in One Hour Photo.

The list of great movies made around the Pacific Ocean is never ending. If you do not have the time to visit all the different locations of the movies then do the next best thing. Do a movie digital download in order to enjoy some of the great movies at your convenience. The movies can be downloaded right to your computer for you to view. Just remember to pop the popcorn and grab the soda before the movie starts.


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December 8, 2015