Founder Indian Military Enterprises For The Czech Republic And India To Resolve The Digital Printing

Along with social progress and people’s living standards, people have become increasingly demanding for printing, fast printing of small quantities, Variable Data Printing Personalized printing Demand has increased. A survey shows that in the next few years, the short version of my printing activities account for 60% of the total printing, which is 60% of the business often is the reluctance of traditional printing. As a result of the traditional printing The film , Plate, and then print the form on the plane, the high cost of the front plate, so the short version of the traditional printing for fast printing costs would be high, can not do, “one from the Indian, Zhang different”, so fast in the short-printed aspects of the inapplicability of the traditional printing problem become more and more intense.

Order to meet current market demand, most of the armed forces are constantly looking for a printing characteristics suited to their own development. The military printers are facing problems of obsolete equipment, business development, single, and long file compatibility issues, printing more and more tight time requirements, security documentation output increasingly demanding quality requirements are properly to prevent loss of the printed word error, variable data to import, and many problems, has been unable to meet the short version of the current rapid development of the industry, and personalized features. Printing industry characteristics for the army, Beijing Founder India Czech Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Through the continued Digital Printing Technology research and development effort, with the Founder Group, published a long service in the Chinese printing market, has accumulated a wealth of core technology, Czech Republic and India launched a complete digital printing solutions, playing numbers such as functions, red tape output, minority languages the output, document retention, special paper, printing and confidentiality requirements, and many other problems beset the current military printing to provide a reasonable solution to greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, easy to use interface makes the entire Chinese operators are quickly into formal production in the environment.

Advanced software enables constant speed drive hardware, give full play to the effectiveness of hardware. The make-up off a strong hand function can completely replace the current use of other non-professional software, the leading RIP and screening technologies to make products closer to the traditional printing quality printing. Most of the army with the current printing confidential print shop, print their documents from party and government departments of all confidential and confidential document printing printing fully reflects the core competitiveness of the military. How to improve this core competence, so as to avoid adverse living conditions outsourcing impact? Founder Czech Republic and India given the answer is: the security of automated written, printed on security paper issued by security automation and automation of three closely integrated to form the complete text of the high credibility of the security system of systems, Founder Indian digital printing solution Czech Republic It is precisely to meet the military program to improve core competitiveness of printing only option.

Founder Founder Group relies on India in the traditional print market for nearly 30 years accumulation of technology and markets, as well as the ongoing digital printing technology research and development input, and HP, Ke America, Oc and other well-known digital printing equipment manufacturers to establish Cooperation Become a global strategic partnership, a global digital printing market, the Chinese core technology provider, Founder and India for the global fast-growing Czech digital printing applications market, India and Czech Republic introduced a complete digital printing solutions, the company independent research and development and production of Founder Czech digital printing system for the Indian market, fast printing, variable, Demand , The demand for such networks, integrated hardware-driven high-speed network technology and linked to technology, professional printing of digital print production workflow Czech software system, variable-data printing and publishing database publishing systems, digital content Management Systems and digital copyright protection technology-leading software system. These are the essential core technology of digital print is Founder Director of the international leading technology.

Digital printing technology in order to promote the development of armed forces, fully digital and digital printing experience to bring the convenience and quality, making digital printing a better cultural life into the army, Founder Czech Republic and India and India, co-organized army, “Founder and India Czech Cup, “the military Printing Digital Photo Contest, appeared in the” Founder Indian Czech Cup, “the winning entries, Founder Indian Czech Czech Republic and India will use digital printing equipment Founder beautifully produced photo album for you contestants left a good memory. It participated in the event of you printing the leadership of the military response, “Founder and India Czech Cup” competition is not only the army printing digital photography has greatly enriched the cultural life of the army of amateur printing and printing to open up the military vision and ideas, it is large extent, brought the work of the future can expand the space, in-depth experience to bring the convenience of digital printing advantages.

Founder, General Manager Mr. Chen Xin Jie and India, said: The successful holding of the digital photography contest, Founder Czech Republic and India will continue to increase cooperation with the military efforts of all printing and we will make every effort to assist the armed forces as soon as possible to resolve the current printing The problems facing the armed forces to develop a digital printing more room.

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May 9, 2017