Incredible Sand Sculptures

Most of kids are interested in packing damp sand into a pail and tapping it out to make a little sand castle. The construction of sand is a difficult job and such masterpiece is easily destroyed and swept away by waves and wind. Some people especially artists take their sand castles and sculptures a bit more seriously. Several sand sculptors travel to the most exotic beaches around the world creating towering art and hoping of fair weather. In order to make sand sculptures, artists have to spend hours in the sun building and creating masterpieces. Certainly, with skillful and professional hands, their artworks are incredibly beautiful and creative, which draws crowds wherever they are found. The creations they come up with are inspiring, hilarious, and totally unexpected. The following is the collection of incredible sand sculptures.


Dragons are found in mythology and lore in cultures around the world.


A god’s hand


Anyone can go on holiday vacations


A monkey family


This sand car is eco-friendly.


A giant sand clock




A small spider’s house on a big spider’s back


Five dwarfs in fairy tales


Castles on The Little Mermaids‘ backs


Everybody is a winner.


Earning money is a big burden to everyone’s life.


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May 11, 2017