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Recently, the “2006 Shanghai? Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Excellent Fair (Autumn) “held in Shanghai Workers Cultural Palace. The Exhibition in Uncle Ho gathered water, Hu Qiang, Guo Li and more than ten places more than 200 pieces of Jingdezhen artists works of modern art pottery, art depicts the Porcelain Human landscapes, regional customs. When the Ming and Qing Kiln China Prices skyrocketing, Investment Modern ceramic fine, no doubt like investing hundred years later the “antique”, the market potential of natural self-evident. Collection of modern ceramic boutique investment

mainly refer to those high artistic level and achievements of a master, famous works, especially after the liberation of some important historical stages, the event produced under the conditions for and on behalf of the boutique, but become the key targets . In recent years, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong’s many modern Jingdezhen Ceramic Boutique Auction And the trade fair success, making a new modern boutique collection of ceramic hot, and contributed to the severity.

In the auction market, contemporary ceramic boutique has started to show great potential. In last year’s spring auction in Germany on high sodium, fifties and sixties of last century Jingdezhen Make The golden Painting High Shishi women the bottle, sold reached 70,840 yuan. Auction in the mainland as early as from 1996, Hyundai began to enter the auction of fine ceramics field. Beijing Hanhai autumn auction that year, a pair of early liberation of workers and peasants painted porcelain vase Meditation drains, sold reached 66,000 yuan. From the auction market in recent years, although the price of fine modern porcelain fell, generally not to the million, but are also reflects the value of its huge investments, such as blue sky International 2005 Spring Festival art auction, contemporary Huochun Yang Plum draw cylinder volume, sold for 5,500 yuan.

Used to buy “futures” to describe the modern ceramic boutique investment is not an exaggeration. Looking at the current of modern art Ceramic Market “Master,” “famous” and other titles abound, and even some antique stand sits can be seen with Certificate “Master” of work, we say nothing about the “master” how much gold content, for investors, investment modern art ceramics, we must first have identified the quality of porcelain itself, the shape is Zhou Zheng, whether the smooth glaze, color degree of consistency, do not have sand nail bubble eyes, de glaze streaky; If it is blue and white or painted, will depend on the color of the brilliant night, the depth and luster to. The level of attainment is not enough light, brilliant color is too thick, dark colors are too thin. Buy the best art of ceramics in the day light a good place, because Light Often go wrong. Porcelain shells can knock gently on, listening to loud sound is crisp, husky voice is cracked, not worth another good-looking, but also not easy to crack the ceramic long-term preservation.

Compared with ordinary ceramics, art ceramics in the interest of quality porcelain itself, also look at whether the skilled art work, fresh, color is crystal clear, transparent, and whether to take risk, said glaze glaze, real ones. But also to pay attention to meticulous style underglaze decoration freehand, must be hand-drawn, not Printing , Decals, and color to light.

Buy art pottery, in addition to considering price factors, we must look at the overall effect, we must carefully look for the economy is not very wealthy investors, can buy a small color plates, small vases, pots and small splendor and practical furnishings combination of Tea set , Wine , Stationery. The design of these ceramics, if achieved beauty, taste good, deep connotation three requirements, that is, the higher grade of ceramic art. Even the same author’s works, there are pros and cons of good and bad, price very different, especially the many famous paintings have their own characteristics, such as water, good peonies Uncle Ho, Song Ying, Hu Qiang good at flowers, birds, figures, etc. Investors to buy, be sure to have the understanding of the characteristics of their own, and buy their excellent production.

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May 18, 2017