Pk Ceramics Decoration For 20 Years On The Ground Floor To See Material S Crossing

Decoration rise from the present, between the tile and wood flooring in order to grab the market, each has employed a special skill.
Ceramic tile flooring and quickly occupied the market of about Jiucheng
Time: the last century the late 80s ~ early 90s
Of the last century the late 80s early 90s, doing more of terrazzo flooring materials in the world. At that time, tile and wood flooring species has not been so much part of high-grade decoration material, ordinary people do not or rarely use the basic decoration.
The beginning of the home-improvement, or a “road guerrillas”, or a simple engineering unit to work, family on a very simple, basically paving, whitewashers.
Xi’an Decoration Committee person in charge of marketing Shangjun told the reporter that was I had just begun in the home-improvement, people most like to use ceramic tile flooring.
At that time, many families on the ground are the concrete floor, using a long time prone to localized cracking phenomenon not only affects the appearance, but also walked uncomfortable. Later, Decoration enter Xi’an, people use ceramic tile flooring. Decoration of the ceramic tiles were used are relatively small, mostly paved 500 500 or 600 600 bricks, each block is 5 to 20 yuan, must register, laying one square meters is less than 100 yuan. Ceramic tile flooring, so that family also feel a lot of bright, but the price also not expensive, so quickly occupied about 90% of the market.
20 years bricklaying “seniority” Master Li said, when the renovation had just begun, there are some families like to play with the terrazzo floor, terrazzo prices because the relatively low amount of random, colors and patterns can also be free play. However, the terrazzo construction is sometimes inconvenient, grinding process of water big, noisy, and later gradually abandoned by family decoration.
To occupy the bedroom wooden floor carved out a territory
Time: the last century, the early 90s the late 90
The last century, the early 90s, although the popular home-improvement, but still in the initial stage, in addition to shops, the whitewashing, and packages outside the door, was very popular with the wood panel package dado. This day and age, people have requested the decoration decoration awareness and practices of the company, in addition to walls and floor, the family has a few more decorative, such as ceiling, closet, etc. At this point, ceramic tiles, and some families on the feeling of not fitting coordination, people feel tile some “cold”, decoration companies try to use small pieces of solid wood parquet (commonly known as Su-board) instead of tiles to shop bedroom, wood floors this rise.
Solid wood flooring has just begun to mainly one square meters probably three or four hundred yuan, more expensive, so many families do not have. Later, with the renovation industry, consumers will no longer be recognized as tile flooring, an important choice, and wood floors have come in large and medium cities, small cities as well as to replace the tiles, into a family bedroom on the ground to lay the main material. Among them, laminate flooring has to replace the wood flooring, wood flooring to develop into the main body, the market volume gradually get better.
The outset, basically for the wooden floor bedroom on the ground. As decoration styles change and people’s living standards, wood flooring species growing gradually, there is solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and many other varieties, mainly the price at 60 yuan / square meter to 200 yuan / square meter of the Inter, which most families can accept a price range. Therefore, the wood floors have gradually come out from the bedroom and quickly seize the living room, dining.
At present, Xi’an market, particularly the small number of hardcover Unit, in addition to kitchen renovation, other places of choice are the wooden floor. Now, wood flooring through Jiaogan comfortable, natural warmth, cool, elegant and other prominent advantages, has become a home-improvement in one of the paramount consideration of the decorative material. Shangjun estimated that during this period, wood flooring can be accounted for approximately 30% of the home-improvement market share, accounting for about 70% of tile can share.
Ceramic tile, wood flooring and jointly open up the market
Time: the late 90s of last century ~ Now
Of the last century the late 90s, there have been some changes in home-improvement industry, wood flooring from the bedroom, living room has gradually expanded their territory, ceramic tile market share gradually shrink. Some families in the decoration, in addition to the kitchen and bathroom tiles also used, other places chose the wooden floor. Shang-Jun estimates, now, ceramic tile in the family can be accounted for about 60% share.
Now, after taking into account the occupancy scrub and moisture problems, the majority of families, or will the kitchen, bathroom tile selection. Because China’s family kitchen is a place where fumes Espresso, fry frying is almost the same and no less, the passage of time cleaning the kitchen was very a headache, so a lot of people like to use light tiles, scrubbed not only simple and good-looking.
The bathroom is a completely relaxing place, rinse the shower is particularly necessary when the feeling of relaxation. Dazzling tiles from time to time to stimulate the line of sight will make people uncomfortable, it is also very good with the matte tiles.
Before and after 2002, the overall kitchen there, occupying the tile part of the market, but the kitchen decoration materials are no longer limited to ceramic tile, and in recent years, mosaic, but also because patterns exaggeration, fashion, diverse materials, which were part of the family to accept become a product to replace the tile, but because mosaic high prices can only serve as a decorative kitchen products, there is no great acceptance by the market.
There are always new products to intervene, the result of competition for tile and wood flooring joined forces, in the home-improvement play an important role, and now many families, tile and wood flooring and use, each play to their strengths, wood flooring fear wave of fear of oil, not into the kitchen, toilet, so shop with tile balcony, kitchen, living room just; tile cold, blunt, not into the bedroom, the master Pada Rao sleep, so shop wooden floor bedroom, study to be adequate.

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December 21, 2015