That FREE Thing Pre-Launch Review

I just joined TFT (That Free Thing) today and there are already a number of people who signed up under me. This is going to be faster than I expect. Below are just some of the benefits that you can get when you join That Free Thing today.

TFT – stands for That Free Thing and it is Now Officially in PRE-LAUNCH!

This has been the BIGGEST GLOBAL LAUNCH ever happened this year.

This “Little $ 9.95 a Month Program” can make you MORE MONEY than companies charging up to 10 TIMES AS MUCH! Can you think of anything better than getting something for FREE?

EVERYONE LOVES FREE STUFF! So there’s no reason that you won’t be making money with this program. People would love to join especially when freebies are offered and not only that, the compensation and the products are great.

Now, just imagine getting paid each time you showed someone how to get something FREE!

This is the ULTIMATE Network Marketing product. That Free Thing built the entire compensation plan around the fact that people love getting free stuff. That Free Thing has thousands of free products, free services and free offers that we need your help sharing with the world.

For doing this That Free Thing will pay you, it’s really that simple! I couldn’t imagine anything better than getting free stuff AND putting money in your pocket at the same time.


That Free Thing 3 Generation Check Match is HUGE!

Generation Check Match % Personals to Qualify

1 40% 5 2 30% 10 3 30% 15

I’m quoting some examples below. Watch how powerful this can be…

Example 1: You tell 20 people and they tell a few and so on. Let’s say on average they’ve made $ 500 each. That’s a total of $ 10,000 they’ve been paid, so you’ve received 40% which is $ 4,000.00, THAT’S CRAZY!

Example 2: These 20 people you enrolled have been telling other people and lets say they each told 5 on average, which makes 100 people. Let’s say on average they’ve made $ 300.

That’s a total of $ 30,000 they’ve been paid,so you’ve been paid 30% which is an additional $ 9,000 from your second level match. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Example 3: Now, these 100 have been telling other people and let’s say on average they’ve only told 4 each. That’s 400 more people! Let’s say they’ve only made $ 100 on average, that’s a total of $ 40,000 earned. You would have been paid 30% which is $ 12,000 from your third level match. THIS IS INSANE!

That’s a total of $ 25,000 in Matching Bonuses! (from examples above)

But Wait, There’s More…

Free Products & Services – Hot Deals

• FREE Food

• FREE Mobile

• FREE Clothing

• FREE Entertainment

• FREE Restaurant Meals

• FREE Movies

• FREE Travel

• FREE Spa Memberships

FREE …. You name it!

Everyone is paid on 100% of the people who fall into their Matrix, whether they have sponsored anyone or not.

Can you imagine if you only signed up to get Free Stuff and you ended up getting pay checks!

Get these FREE Stuffs Now! Join That Free Thing today!

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December 8, 2015