The Greek Gods and Taps

The Gods of Greek Mythology were renowned for their exquisite taste and the same can be said for most people looking to furnish their houses with the finest wares.

Often overlooked by some people is the importance of the taps that they choose. It is no good getting the perfect kitchen if the taps and other accessories do not match as this can make the kitchen seem incomplete.

When choosing taps it is also necessary to ensure you are satisfied the choice you make as some choices cannot be undone as in the case of the Greek Mythological tale ‘Pandora’s Box’.

Prometheus, a titan who came to befriend mankind incurred the wrath of Zeus (king of the Gods) by tricking him out of part of the sacrifices that were offered to him. Mankind from this point only offered the bones of the animals they sacrificed to Zeus and ate the meat themselves which outraged him. Zeus had also refused to give mankind the gift of fire which Prometheus, ignoring Zeus’ wishes offered this gift to mankind also.

In an act of revenge Zeus had Prometheus bound to a stake on Mount Caucasus and had an eagle peck out his liver each day. As an immortal Prometheus couldn’t die and therefore his liver would grow back and so the eagle would return.

Zeus also intended to punish mankind also for accepting the gift of fire and thus sent Epimetheus (Promethius’ brother) the gift of a woman (Pandora). Even though Promethius warned his brother of this gift he accepted her anyway. A gift of an urn (or box in some stories) was given to them as a wedding gift and curious, Pandora opened this and released anguish into the world. Managing to close the box before everything escaped, however she managed to keep hope inside the box which gave mankind reason not to despair.
With this story in mind it is significant to think that as with the case of Pandora once you have done something there is a chance that it may not be undone as Pandora found out the hard way.

If you are having a new kitchen fitted with taps and accessories etc, take time to think of the story of Pandora who after making the wrong decision had to live with her choice from that moment on and the same could be said for having a new kitchen fitted. It would cost beyond most people’s budget to have to change the interiors of their kitchen so ensuring that you have the right design and ensure that everything matches before you approve the work to be carried out can save you a lot of time and heartache.

How you choose to decorate your kitchen can also have an effect. Do not choose taps that will clearly not go with the decor just because you like them. Looks are important if you want a lavishly furnished home with beautiful matching taps and accessories. Just ensure that everything looks good but more importantly reflects your personality and individual taste.

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April 25, 2017