The Typical American Home

Living and decorating styles greatly vary in the United States, being a land of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Each home is unique since most homeowners choose to add their own personal touch to the style of their home. Despite this fact, there is what most calls the “typical American home” in the United States, which has been influenced by different periods in history.

American homes are typically traditional European or modern contemporary in style. Home styles that lean more towards European vary in period and region. An example of this is the Victorian style, which was high in the 1840s-1900s. This home style is large and elaborate.

Examples of homes with a modern contemporary design are modernist houses and neo style houses. Modernist homes are non-conventional and started in the 1930s.  Neo style houses, which mean “new” style houses, combine historic details with modern elements. This style sprouted in 1965, and is still a favorite among many homes.

In 2009, an extensive survey showed that a typical American home has a separate dining room, at least three bedrooms, at least two bathrooms, and two or more living or recreation rooms. This is true in Virginia and other states as well. Even with window units adorned with vinyl siding in Alexandria or floor-length glass sliding doors, the average American home owns central air-conditioning and warm-air furnace heating systems.

A typical American home will never be complete without a television and a sofa or reclining chair in the living room. Expect the kitchen walls to have a number of pictures, pots, pans and wicker decorations hanging on it. The dining room will have a long table and a liquor cabinet. Windows will most likely be complemented with vinyl siding Alexandria VA or any other city offers.

Innovative ideas are constantly being developed all over the world, with more influences from different cultures and the changing times. The “typical American home” might soon change its qualities, and we never know when or how. Whether the house is in Florida with no chimney, no window vinyl siding in Alexandria or no bedroom in a flat in New York, it is still as typically American as the people living in it.

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December 12, 2015